Hi, I’m Kathy Fenton.  Working Mum of 2 children.  Like most mums out there, there came a time after having my kids, that I decided to loose some weight.  I had never dieted before in my life, and to be honest, I didnt want to try any Fad diets.  I had a friend who was getting good results through Slimming World, and became quite interested and joined my local group.  It is not a diet, but more or a way of life – food optimising and learning a new way of cooking tasty meals.  I’ve always enjoyed cooking and entertaining, so loved the way this plan let me eat whatever I wanted!


I started posting some pictures to facebook, and was surprised by the amount of people interested in how to cook these meals, so I decided to create this website showing some of my favourite recipes and tips about my journey…. I hope you enjoy!

Kathy x

This is NOT a slimming world website, and I accept no responsibilities for any inaccuracies posted.  Users should check their own syn values themselves.