Everyone loves a cheese burger right?  But have you tried a babybel burger? A Babybel light is a fraction of your healthy extra, so perfect for a slimming world burger! They’re really easy to make, and great to get the kids involved. Whats needed 5% minced beef, 1 onion, a good dash or worcester, Read More


Quick and lazy tea tonight – but oh so yummy! Take your chicken breasts, squirt with a bit of frylight and sprinkle the Schwartz Blackened Cajun spice all over (syn free).  Cook in the oven as you would normally. Mexican Rice – Uncle Ben does it well, and at 2.5 syns for the whole, Read More


We love Lasagne in our house.  This is how I make mine:- I use the schwartz bolognaise mix to make the meat. – 5.5 syns for the whole pan full!  Add 5% fat minced beef, peppers, onions and i also like to add some grated carrot and chopped courgette for extra speed.  Fry this, Read More


Sometimes you want a quick and easy family meal.  My kids love bolognese, and I have always used Schwartz Bolognese mix prior to joining slimming world.  After checking out online the amount of syns in this mix, its only 4.5!  I add extra stuff in mine, (extra speed too) garlic, peppers, onions, courgette, grated, Read More


Valentines day is approaching, and with it, I started thinking how I could cook something romantic!  After purchasing a love heart ring on ebay, i decided to try and serve my rice in the shape of a love heart lol (I probably too much TV lol).  I served this with tandoori chicken kebabs for, Read More


Today, we had the family over for Sunday lunch, all in 6 adults and 4 kids.  It had to be something I could mostly prepare in advance, as the last thing you want to be doing is slaving away and not being able to chat to your guests!  It was a Sunday, so i, Read More


homemade chicken n roasted veg in spicy mediterranean sauce with sw chips n salad. How? Make a tomato sauce with passata, garlic, splash of balsamic vinegar, tsp sweetner granules, fresh ripped basil leaves and some chilli flakes. (Can also add some extra canelloni beans for added speed here if you like).  Whilst doing this,, Read More


Todays lunch…. cold cooked orzo (rice shaped pasta!) with tuna, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, chopped green peppers, greek yoghurt and bit of black pepper. really tasty! x How? Cook your Orzo as per instructions on the packet, and let it go cold.  Once its cooled, add a tin of tuna, some chopped spring onions,, Read More


What do you need when you’re feeling a bit meh?…. Homemade potato pie (no crust as being good) with mushy peas n pickled red cabbage! Mmm How? Cook your 5% lean minced beef with chopped onion, then add chopped potatoes and carrots and some water (not too much- just enough to cover the ingredients), Read More


Really enjoyed my tea tonight….. roasted romero peppers stuffed with aldi spice infused cous cous (1,5 syns for whole packet, so 3/4 syn on mine) with a bit of garlic pepper and cheese on top. served with half tin tuna, salad and potato salad (syn free with fat free yoghurt). blimin lovely! x