Valentines day is approaching, and with it, I started thinking how I could cook something romantic!  After purchasing a love heart ring on ebay, i decided to try and serve my rice in the shape of a love heart lol (I probably too much TV lol).  I served this with tandoori chicken kebabs for, Read More


This is a take on the classic Prawn Cocktail.  Instead of using the mayonnaise or seafood sauce which has lots of syns, I have recently started making my own Piri Piri dressing which is syn free! Its so simple to make, and is just fat free Fromage Frais with some piri piri seasoning stirred, Read More


Really enjoyed my tea tonight….. roasted romero peppers stuffed with aldi spice infused cous cous (1,5 syns for whole packet, so 3/4 syn on mine) with a bit of garlic pepper and cheese on top. served with half tin tuna, salad and potato salad (syn free with fat free yoghurt). blimin lovely! x