We love Lasagne in our house.  This is how I make mine:- schwartz-bolognese-mix

I use the schwartz bolognaise mix to make the meat. – 5.5 syns for the whole pan full!  Add 5% fat minced beef, peppers, onions and i also like to add some grated carrot and chopped courgette for extra speed.  Fry this off in a pan then add the packet mix, a tin of chopped tomatoes and half fill the empty can with water and add to pan.  Let it simmer for a bit until everything is cooked.

Once cooked, you layer this up in an oven proof dish with dried lasagne sheets in between.  I replace the cheese sauce with fat free greek yoghurt and then sprinkle a bit of mozarella grated cheese on top (Healthy extra A).  lasagne-1-web

Bake in the oven, and serve with fresh salad and balsamic vinegar.

Enjoy x



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