I used to love fried eggs, but using the frylight for me isnt as good, as they often go a little crispy – not good in my book lol x

I’ve come up with a new healthy way of cooking my eggs.  I squirt a little frylight in my frying pan, then crack the eggs is.  My tip here, is to add a tiny bit of water just some it runs all around the outside of the egg.  It then semi fry’s and poaches.  Result – lovely healthy, none crusty, yolky fried looking flat egg! x



schwartz-bolognese-mixSometimes you want a quick and easy family meal.  My kids love bolognese, and I have always used Schwartz Bolognese mix prior to joining slimming world.  After checking out online the amount of syns in this mix, its only 4.5!  I add extra stuff in mine, (extra speed too) garlic, peppers, onions, courgette, grated carrot, mushrooms and use 5% fat minced beef. (I’ve also used 3% turkey breast mince) Once you’ve added tomatoes, and a bit of water, there is a huge pan full of bolognese and all for just 4.5 syns.  Mine feeds all of us with pasta one night, and then I use the rest to make a lasagne the next day. – I calculate it works out at around 1/2 syn per portion!!  Its so easy to make too, and can be whipped up in around 15-20 minutes, ideal for busy lives!


Schwartz Bolognese Mix, 1 onion chopped, 1 pepper chopped, mushrooms, 1 courgette chopped, 1 carrot grated, Some garlic (I use a frozen garlic cube), Pack of 5% minced beef, Tin or tomatoes, water.  500g dried pasta.


Dry fry the mince with the onion, garlic, peppers and mushrooms.  Once mince has browned, add the spice mix with a tin of tomotoes and half fill the empty tin of water and add this too.  Stir this all in, and add the chopped courgette and grated carrot.  Let it simmer for a while until cooked.

Meanwhile, cook the dried pasta as per the packet instructions.  Drain, and add the bolognese sauce.  Mix well and serve.  I like to serve mine with a good dollup of fat free fromage frais, (makes it nice and creamy) and pinch of grated low low cheese and some chilli flakes to spice it up a little 😉

cheats-lasagne-style-pasta-bakesThere will be plenty left over for the next nights tea, or to freeze.  For a little change, I put the pasta in a baking tray, add some fat free fromage frais over the top, similar to how you would on a lasagne, then add a little grated cheese.  (I have started buying the foil takeaway tubs for this, as they can be put straight in the oven.)   Bake this in the oven until the cheese melts and it starts to go a little crispy.


This can then be served with salad and potato wedges for a completely different meal!

Give it a try, its so easy and very little syns they’re hardly worth counting!cheats lasagne 2





One of my favourite things abut going out for an Indian is the Mint Sauce you get.  I’ve been making my own for years at home, and this is so easily adapted to be slimming world friendly!


Fat Free Greek Natural yogurt, Mint sauce from a jar. (The kind you would have with lamb)


Simply mix the 2 to taste.  We eat loads of this, so I’d recommend 5-6 tbsp yogurt, and 1 tsp of mint sauce.  Have a little taste and modify to your own taste.  Sometimes, if the kids aren’t having any of it, I’ve been known to sprinkle a tiny bit of chilli powder in for that added kick.