Valentines day is approaching, and with it, I started thinking how I could cook something romantic!  After purchasing a love heart ring on ebay, i decided to try and serve my rice in the shape of a love heart lol (I probably too much TV lol).  I served this with tandoori chicken kebabs for me, and mushroom kebabs for my husband as he is a vegetarian…


Ingredients – chicken breast cut into cubes, (mushrooms for vegetarian option) large diced peppers, onions, and halved tomatoes.  Garlic – I use the frozen cubes of garlic for ease, and let them defrost for this recipe.  Tandoori Masala spice.  (My advice here would be to try and visit an asian supermarket for these spices, as in my opinion they are so much nicer than the stuff you buy in supermarkets), kebab skewers.

Method tandoori-mushroom-kebabs– I put the chicken, garlic, and tandoori masala powder in a bowl and stir through so the chicken is well coated,  I put a good 4/5 tbsp of the spice in, but experiment yourself to see how strong you like it….. I like my food quite spicy!  The longer you leave this to marinate the better, but to be honest, you can just use it straight away.  Once done, just start threading everything on the skewers however you like.  You could cook these on a bbq if you like, or grill them, but I tend to put them in the oven at around 200 and let them cook till ready.

Spicy Rice

Ingredients – Long grain rice, Ground Tumeric, Tandoori Masala, 1/2 red onion, 1 carrot.

Method – Cook the rice as it says on the packet, adding 1/2 tsp ground tumeric and a tbsp of tandoori masala, Finely, chop 1/2 red onion, and peel and grate a carrot.  Add this to the rice whilst its cooking, as this is a good way of adding extra speed foods to your meal.

Once everything is cooked, I plate the rice up using the love heart ring on the plate.  Add a couple of kebabs, some fresh salad and some Mint yoghurt….

There you go….. Romantic kebabs with spicy rice!  Enjoy xx



This is a take on the classic Prawn Cocktail.  Instead of using the mayonnaise or seafood sauce which has lots of syns, I have recently started making my own Piri Piri dressing which is syn free!

Its so simple to make, and is just fat free Fromage Frais with some piri piri seasoning stirred through to taste.piri-piri-prawn-cocktail-2

Make a salad with whatever you like.  Personally i like iceberg lettuce with a prawn cocktail, and I also shred some cabbage too, for that extra crunch.  Peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes.  Layer it up on you plate with some prawns and some tuna fish, and finish off with a good dollop of piri piri dressing.

Tastes lovely and really simple to whip up as a starter or a quick lunch….. Enjoy xx


This is basically a meeting of the Slimming World Quiche and a Spanish tortilla!

I had some Slimming World Chips left over after last nights tea, so I put them in the fridge to use later.  Whilst making a crustless quiche, I saw the chips and thought i would try chopping them up and adding them into the mix and make some kind of hybrid dish…. somewhere between a quiche and a spanish tortilla!….

Ingredients spanish-style-quiche-pic

4 eggs, 1 pepper, 1 red onion, 1 tin of Tuna, 1 tub of Fat Free Cottage Cheese with chives, chopped up left over sw chips, and a dash of Schwartz Spanish seasoning.


Mix all the ingredients together.  Spray a tin with frylight, add the mixture, and cook in an oven at about 180 until it looks cooked.spanish-style-quiche